Management Team

Founder of Richburg for 15 years. Eric WONG started his career as an inspector when he was 18, as a Form 7 graduate, he was early advanced to Senior Inspector at the age of 21. He resigned when he was 31 years old and joined Richburg as CEO since then. Under his leadership, Richburg has not only been developed from a local SME business into a regionalized business, but also ventured into motor engineering business, and their designs have been exhibited in the Japanese Car Show in Tokyo. He also ventured into workshop business, delivering premium customers services. In year 2004, he set up Richburg in Singapore. Within 3 years, Richburg Singapore has become one of the leading importers of luxurious MPVs. Recently, he has acquired Lotus Car’s distributorship, not only that, he also setup a new business which involved selling, re-furnishing and repairing luxurious yachts as well as acquired the distributorship of Pershing Yacht, a very famous Italian brand.

Eric WONG, Corporate Planning

Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnics (named the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 1994) majoring in Japanese Languages. She set up Richburg after graduation, and started importing new cars to Hong Kong since 1996.

Teresa TANG, Director

George TANG has joined the company as a sales person and was given opportunities to become the next generation of the new Richburg through a 2-year training program in overseas and local instituitions. He is responsible for managing sales outlets and trainings on modelling management chambers.

George TANG, Workshop Manager

Kevin LAM joined Richburg in year 2002 as a sales executive. He was promoted to assistant sales supervisor in year 2005 and then to sales supervisor in the following year. Currently he is responsible for the import used car divison.

Kevin LAM, Sales Manager in used car division

SZETO Ka Ying joined Richburg as a cleaner in year 2002. With his outstanding service, he was promoted to take charge of Cleaning Division after 6 months. The Company has given him a lot of opportunities to unveil his potential and trained him to become part of the management team. In year 2004, he was promoted to take charge of the operation of the Engineering Department, leading a team of 40 staffs. Thereafter in year 2007, he became the Workshop Manager in Kwun Tong Branch.

SZETO Ka Ying, Workshop Manager (Kwun Tong Branch)