Company Profile

Richburg Corporation Ltd.


Teresa is the founder of Richburg Motors, who studied Japanese Studies in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The business was started as an used car company trading local quality used cars one by one as a humble startup. After winning the best used car dealer in 1991, Teresa started to go to Japan to look for Japanese domestic car market.


By observing the Japanese local trends of using SUVs, she considered that it would also be applicable to Hong Kong. In 1997 April, she brought the luxurious SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles) and RV (Recreational Vehicles) concept to HK through Toyota Prado 3.4 V6. This is the turnaround of the company’s expansion, as it has made a big hit to the market, and became a trendy fashion in Hong Kong.


By 1998 onwards, when the Hong Kong entrepreneurs were migrating their businesses and productions from Hong Kong to Southern China, we created a new trend lasting till today, which is the luxurious MPVs for cross-border travels with Toyota Estima, Lucia, Granvia and etc.  Most of the Hong Kong entrepreneurs use our products and after-sales services to support their day-to-day cross-border travels to their factories and play golf in China.


In 2010, we redirected the MPV positioning from the utility and heavy duty nature for cross-border travels, to the high class luxurious MPV with first class electric power seats for passengers. This concept was first launched in the Tokyo Auto Sedan by Richburg ONE. Richburg ONE is a partitioned Alphard, converting from a 8 seaters into 4 seaters. That move shocked the world, not only because it was the first Chinese company showing up with their innovation in the Japanese motors exhibition, but also, it has rewrite the definition of the MPVs – The First Class Travel Concept.


Richburg, right now, is not only a renounced and well-established motor trading company for paralleled imported luxurious cars; but also, we are the exclusive distributor of LOTUS cars in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore for 10 years.


We have also extended our arms into motors engineering business by our innovation and technological know-how. We have a division to develop hybrid systems for racing cars application, with performance and environmental awareness.


Our adventure to the Asian motor sports started in 2011. We have launched a series of One Make Races and Celebrities Cup Races in Macau Grand Prix, China and across Asia.


Our GT team, the Fantastic 4, has also ventured to Asian LeMans Sprint Club Races, Japan Super Car Races in Fuji, Pan Delta Races in Zhuhai, Macau Road Sport Challenge, and HKAA HTCC Road Sport Challenges.


We are a well-established but still fast growing business organisation, with the spirit of reinvention and innovation. We lead the trend, and we strive for delivering value creation to the society, and to the customers.


Teresa and Eric