CEO Message

Richburg Motors found in 21 years ago, started to sell used cars in the beginning by Teresa Tang. Richburg has grown up from a local used car dealer into the regional distribution network of Lotus Cars in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, as well as electric bikes, Vertrix, London Taxi, and also paralleled imported Toyota Cars. The car business model is extending to catering, publishing, and engineering businesses with 200 staff in the region.


Richburg introduced a lot of new models to Asia, especially the creation of trends in using MPVs (7 Seaters), the first introduction of hybrid Prius to HK, Electric bikes, and also special engineered vehicles.


Corporate Social Responsibilities are being promoted within the Group since 2001, with the team of voluntary staff doing visits to elderly homes, using our MPVs with detachable wheelchairs to bring the disabled, and elderly to outings. The founders, also involve actively to visit schools, public and government organizations, as well as Non-profit marking organizations to share their experience in starting and managing businesses.


They have won a lot of international and local management awards, including DHL/SCMP Young Entrepreneur Award, Best CEO, by Capital Magazine, as well as other media. In addition, published 20 books on management, kid training, and entrepreneurship, and also a famous column writer in Hong Kong.


Each distribution outlet is being supported by service centre, and a team of promotional mechanics, with 24 hours towing services, courtesy cars services, and also, quarterly Custom Retention Management Activities, i.e. boating, helicopter sightseeing, movie gala premieres of the latest and popular Hollywood Box Offices.


LOTUS Cars are the side business developed by 8 years ago, starting to exclusively distributing LOTUS Cars in Hong Kong, in 2013 the business is extending to Singapore. Showroom in Macau is opening by March 2014. Customers are not only enjoying the ownership experience as a LOTUS driver, but also, they can join our track activities for high performance driving experience. In addition, we have our Team LOTUS to race in Elise, Exige and Evora GT4. Richburg also the co-organizer of Macau Grand Prix 2013, to stage the most popular One Make Races, and also launching LOTUS Greater China Races. In 2014, Lotus Cup Asia will start racing and training activities in Malaysian Sepang F1 Circuits, Korean, Shanghai, Japanese circuits to enrich ownership’s LOTUS driving and racing experiences.



Mr. Eric Wong, CEO of Richburg Motors